Who are we

AET uniforms prevails with high quality and customer satisfaction ever since 1988. We have redefined ourselves to meet the trend and demand with a dynamic transformation.

The leading uniform supplier and manufacturer in Dubai, UAE. We supply customized and ready-made uniforms for school uniform, nurse uniform, chef uniform, security uniform, Sports Uniform, maid uniform, emirates uniforms, company workwear uniform, tshirt promotion uniform from our store. Coupled with uniforms designing, embroidery and printing production, we are very passionate about quality uniforms and efficiency that make our prices locally and globally competitive. Furthermore, we are flexible from low-scale to bulk orders supplying custom uniforms not only in the Dubai market, but also in sharjah, abu dhabi, fujairah, ajman, ras al khaimah uae, gcc, africa and other export markets. As one of the top uniform suppliers in Dubai, globally known uniform manufacturer in uae with its uniform factories in uae, one of the top uniform companies and accessible uniform shops, we are responsible to satisfy our customers.

We strongly believe the right people are the ones driving the quality uniforms output. Therefore, as one of the uniform companies in Dubai UAE we don’t only focus on our uniforms stitching production of skilled tailors but the entire team ensures their uniforms product excellence and level people engagement. Moreover, we provide constant training to our staff focusing on quality, efficiency and ultimately how to satisfy our customers. There are numbers of uniforms suppliers in Dubai, uniform companies in Dubai, uniform supplier in UAE, Uniform manufacturers in UAE and uniform factories in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman UAE, and we are proud to have a One-Stop-Shop for all your quality uniforms in UAE and custom clothing workwear requirements.

We are specialized in

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HealthCare Uniforms

Our product range features uniforms and accessories for all healthcare professionals, including nurses, dentists, surgeons, and more.

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Hotel / Restaurants Uniforms

Our hospitality uniforms are designed to ensure that they leave a lasting impression on your customers and visitors.

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Educational / School Uniforms

Design a fully customized school uniform with specific dyes and years, we strive to provide our customers with the utmost quality when it comes to school clothing.

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Industrial Uniforms

Our line of industrial uniform is designed to provide safety and comfort in even the most challenging work environments.

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Corporate Uniforms

we strive to design and supply corporate workwear that works for your business and employees.

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Promotional Uniforms

we offer a stylish range of functional and cost-effective equestrian and polo clothing for all riders.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

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uniforms in dubai

Our Vision

To manufacture products comparable to international standards, to be customer-focused and globally competitive through better quality, latest technology and continuous innovation.

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Our Mission

The company seeks a high standard of performance and aims to maintain a long term leadership position in the textile market segments in which it competes. This will be achieved through operating efficiency, continued dedication to customer care, cost-effectiveness, innovation and conformance to our values.

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Our Values

Customer's satisfaction and delight. Superior quality of performance. Concern for the environment and the community. Passionate about excellence. Fair to all. To provide a safe workplace and promote healthy work habits.

To be the GCC leading supplier of service type uniforms to clients who best value quality and service. We believe in adding value to our customers by allowing them to focus on their core business while outsourcing the complete uniform supply function to us. We offer value-adding services to our customers such as free basic designing, free delivery, quick uniforms quotation, quick samples presentation and dedicated resources, Sales specialist team to meeting our customers at their workplace.

Our business model is a fast-paced sector in the market that requires high demand for custom uniforms delivery timeliness. Therefore, from work uniform materials such as fabrics and accessories, we are proud to say that our supply chain and logistics are reliable with the vast materials selection we offer to our customers.

Why Choose AET Uniforms Dubai

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Wide Variety

AET Uniforms Duabi gives you a vast range of options to choose from when it comes to the types of uniform on offer for a particular requirement.

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We use prime raw material and fabric to ensure that every AET uniforms Dubai has a premium feel to it.

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Expert Service

We provide top-notch service, with contemporary designing techniques to craft uniforms according to customer-specific requirements, across a large range of uniform types.

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Timely Delivery

AET Uniforms Duabi follows a streamlined process from start to finish for uniform fabrication, to get your uniforms delivered to you on time.

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Customer Support

We’re available around the clock to address your every query and request regarding the uniforms you seek to purchase.

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We give your preferences the highest priority when designing your uniforms. At AET Uniforms in Dubai, we offer you the power of choice to create your uniforms just the way you want them.

Looking for uniform supplier in Abu Dhabi

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AET Uniforms is one of the leading uniform supplier in Abu Dhabi and manufacturer in Dubai. We supply customized and ready-made uniforms for school uniform, nurse uniform, chef uniform, security uniform, Sports Uniform, maid uniform, emirates uniforms, company workwear uniform, tshirt promotion uniform from our store.

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